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Executive Producer

Jim Coane

Executive Producer For Cartoon Network

Jim Samples


Richard Raynis


Jeff Kline


Ron Rodecker


Cliff Ruby & Elana Lesser

Developed By

Jim Coane

Based On Characters Created By

Audel LaRoque

Directed By

Tim Eldred

Executive Design Consultant

Everett Peck


C. Elbourn

Speakonia Peter

AT&T Mike

John DiMaggio

Voiceforge Kayla

Original Music By

Jim Latham

Brian Garland

Cartoon Content Director                                                Rita Weisskoff, Ph.D

Cartoon Research Director                                                       William Yotive

Associate Producer                                                                  Michelle Blaya

Art Coordinator                                                                             John Feijoo

Storyboard Coordinator                                                              Elaine Siders

Script Coordinator                                                                    Therese Trujillo

Production Coordinator                                                               Jan Kunesh

Production Assistants                                                           Catherine Circo

                                                                                                      Eric Cookmeyer

                                                                                                     Cary Gillenwater

Assistant To Mr. Samples                                         Elizabeth De La Garza

Assistant To Mr. Coane                                                             Jenny Hope

Assistant To Mr. Raynis                                                           Robby Huckel

Assistant To Mr. Kline                                                 Kirsten Hartenbower

Assistant To Mr. Rodecker                                                       Everett Peck

Dialogue Director

Michael Hack

Casting Supervisor

Tanya K. Taylor

Casting Coordinator

Everett A. Oliver

Casting Assistants

Terry Klassen

Brent Miller

Recorded At


Sound Engineers

Chris Hobbs

Chris McLaren

James Spooner

Post Production Sound Services

Sony Pictures Studios

Supervising Sound Editor

Kerry Wilson

Effects Editor

Jonathan Golodner

Re-Recording Mixer

Ken Burton

Ken Kobett

Digital Effects Supervisor

Roger Injarusorn

Executives In Charge Of Production

For Cartoon Network

Conrad Montgomery

Curtis Lelash

This Motion Picture Is Proteced Under The Laws Of

The United States And Other Countries, And Its

Unauthorized Duplication, Distribution Or Exhibition

May Result In Civil Liability And Criminal Prosecution,

The Characters And Incidents Portrayed And The

Names Used Herein Are Fictitous, And Any Similiarity

To The Name, Character, Or History Of Any Person

Is Entirely Coincidental And Unintentional.

Copyright (C) 2009-2013 Sony Pictures Television,

Magic-Mario LTD, Magic-Monkey Productions

And GreenyWorld Television

All Rights Reversed.

SPT, GWT And Magic-Mario LTD Are The Authors Of This

Film/Motion Picture For The Purpose Of Article 15 (2) Of The Berne

Convention And All National Laws Giving Effect Thereto.

Visit Us Online @ www.magicmario'sworld.com

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