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1965-1967 Edit

1948 CDS logo

Toys "R" Us! (stylized as Toys "Я" Us!)Edit


In 1967, the company decided to use the “Toys "Я" Us!” name more than the Children’s Supermarts name. The name is in different color-schemes: The “T” is blue, the “O” is green, the “Y” is purple/violet, the first “S” is dark blue, the “"Я"” is dark purple/violet, the “U” is light blue, the second “S” is orange, and the “!” is green.


Two years later, the color-scheme has changed: Now the “T“ and “"Я"” become orange, the “O” and “U” are green, the “Y” and the first “S” are purple/violet, and the first “S” and the “!” are blue.


Toys r us

Toys "R" Us (stylized as Toys "Я" Us) Edit


Toys R Us (1972)
In 1975, the “!” was dropped from the logo thus becoming simply, “Toys "R" Us”. The color-scheme was changed as well: The “T” and the second “S” both became red, the “O” became orange, the “Y” and “U” in green, the first “S” in purple/violet, and the “"Я"” in yellow. This was short-lived.


Toys R Us 1980s
In 1976, the color-scheme was changed again: The “T” became blue again as well as the “"Я"”, the “O” remains orange, the “Y” and “U” were made brighter in color, and the first “S” becomes red like the second “S”, which also remains that color. Notice also that there is an ® symbol as well.

1980-1985, 2006-2008Edit

Toys R Us 1980(1)
Five years later, the color-scheme once again changed: The “T” is red again, the “O” is now yellow, the “Y” and the second “S” are blue, the first “S” is magenta, the “"Я"” is green, and the “U” is orange. The ® symbol was also removed.


Toys R Us 1986
Five more years later, the color-scheme again changed. This however uses the color-scheme from the 1975 logo, except that the first “S” remains magenta from the 1980 logo. This was still in used at some older locations, until some was replaced with the modified version using the new “"Я"” (like in the Palm Beach Gardens location) while others still kept this logo. It went out entirely in 2018 following its bankruptcy.


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In 1998, the logo was modified and the “"Я"” was given a yellow star outline. The color-scheme for the logo remains. This was also short-lived and is probably a prototype version of the next logo.

1999-2007 Edit

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A year later, the star was fully colored blue and the yellow outline was removed. The color-scheme still remains. This was still used at a few locations until its bankruptcy.

2007-2018 (might make a comeback) Edit

Toys R Us logo.svg
In 2007, a new logo was introduced. Here, the color-scheme changed for the first time in 22 years. Here, the “T” and the second “S” are now in the same color as the first “S”, the “Y” and “U” are a bit lighter, and the “Я” became blue again. The size of the letters now alternates. Also, the quotation marks were removed from the “Я” for the very first time in its entire history. The blue star is now smaller, white, and is moved to inside the “Я”.

In 2018, Toys “R” Us had filed for bankruptcy and because of that, they closed all of their stores, but will might make a comeback with a new company called “Tru Kids Brands”.

Geoffrey's Toy Box Edit

2018-present (Kroger stores) Edit




Giraffe (1948-1975)


Giraffe (1975-1985)

1986-2003 Edit

185px-Geoffrey design 1999

1997-2004 Edit




2013-2018 (Toys R Us), 2018-present (Geoffrey's Toy Box)Edit