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  • Are the re-release credits images you put on this wiki real or fake (for example the MPA, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and Walt Disney Records ones)?

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    • Until Disney actually re-releases any of their movies with those logos (they have kind of a history with re-releasing movies with credits differences, see the original 1989 VHS copy of The Little Mermaid (which have the original ending credits) and the VHS reprints and any DVD prints of said movie (which have a modified version of the credits).), they are fake. There are TONS of fake images of credits posted on this wiki, so you wouldn't really be surprised if you just saw fake images.

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    • Here is what I'm talking about.

      Original version on the 1989 VHS:


      1997 VHS and early DVD release:

      Snapshot 4

      2006 DVD re-release:


      The 2013 re-release:

      The Little Mermaid

      This one on the very bottom is FAKE:

      The Little Mermaid Re-Release MPA
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